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:pokeball: Rules</b>
- You must like or love Satoshi and Haruka as a couple to join this club!
If you hate this shipping, that isn't our fault. *humour*
- Be polite with the staff and the members. We are humans not robots!
- Don't fav the artworks in the gallery, fav the original if there is one!
- Have fun! :D

:pokeball: Art Rules Submission</b>

Well, that isn't very difficult.
Your art can be a drawing, wallpaper and even a cosplay! But your art must contains Satoshi and Haruka of course, this is a Advanceshipping FanClub.
Dont except :  porn and violence.
Ash and May are child don't forget this!

:pokeball: How to join this club?</b>

To be a member now, you have to send a note to the club and watch this club. That is obligatory if not you aren't in. Do these two things and WELCOME ! =)
And you, future member, will be so nice if you put our icon :iconadvanceshipping: journal or a link in your signature !
Put Advanceshipping in your signature or  in your journal.

:pokeball: Art Submission: How?</b>

First, be a member!
After that, send a note with the link of your art(s). If your art isn't in deviantART but you want to post it in the club gallery, so lodge your art in ImageShack (I really prefer ImageShack!)

:pokeball: Help</b>

If you want to put a question, send a note with your question, JinxSatoHaru or lunalove101 will answer you.

Can I fav artworks in your gallery?</b>

NOOOOOO !!! Respect the members who post their arts in the club gallery. Only if an artwork doesn't have an original deviation.

I have a new account for some reasons, I am in the club with my last account. What do I have to do?</b>

Hmm... So send a note with the name of your last account and the new and we will change. And re-watch the club too for updates.

Why comments for joining on the main page aren't accepted?

Because when I connect myself with the name of the club, I watch automatically if I have new messages or not. When I see that I haven't received new messages, I disconnect. So I can't see if there are messages on the main page. Do you understand now ?

BUT!!! Can we just watch the club to be a member no?</b> :D

Some clubs do this but me, the founder, ~JinxSatoHaru, isn't ok with that. Because I have seen that some people who watch the club think that I am a member. Thus be sure to watch the club and send a note too !

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